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During the later Roman period, between the 2nd and late 4th centuries, it appears to have been a centre for iron working, using the local iron ores and charcoal also worked at nearby Gobannium (Abergavenny) and Ariconium (near Ross-on-Wye).After the end of Roman rule in Britain, the area was at the southern edge of the Welsh kingdom of Ergyng.

It now serves as a shopping and service centre, and as a focus of educational and cultural activities for its surrounding rural area.

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Oak timbers had been "skillfully" cut with stone or flint axes to form stilts, of posts and poles, which "probably" rested on three parallel fully-grown tree 'sleeper beams', up to 3 feet 3 inches (1 m) wide, laid horizontally on the lakebed.

The first recorded settlement at Monmouth was the small Roman fort of Blestium, one of a network of military bases established on the frontiers of the Roman occupation.

The castle later came into the possession of the House of Lancaster, and was the birthplace of King Henry V in 1387.

In 1536, it became the county town of Monmouthshire.The town was originally known in Welsh as Abermynwy ("mouth of the Monnow"), replaced by Trefynwy ("Monnow town" – the initial m of Mynwy mutating in Welsh to f pronounced /v/) by the 1600s.Excavations undertaken by the Monmouth Archaeological Society on sites along Monnow Street have uncovered a wealth of information about the early history of the town.The town was the site of a small Roman fort, Blestium, and became established after the Normans built a castle here after 1067.Its medieval stone gated bridge is the only one of its type remaining in Britain.Indeed, the Council for British Archaeology have designated Monmouth as one of the top ten towns in Britain for archaeology.

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