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M'hen a welulit attiiehed totl killing the goveuvor of the M-uo mih tu'eoniimiiying himand injuring the np.ulugeroflry. wlio Juul en-io elevator before ho noldout 1 AJ ....... Jlo said that being Slaltery's boiid Hmon It was but justand proper thut they should see thaithe money received on estimates M'asnot sqtiutuki'cd. -Ihinit to aucoml 111 tho elevatorpiry which he m-iih ilii Kpecltngm. Mr Cleveland stato Hthat hound Mr.fiiitiltl h'iiii I mi Klnll jii! J)ut as my - tii distinct uiidoistandfnii that thevweio io uraw mi money uiiii nu.v inrlaboraud material. Mri.ui'-I.ouininiiu moisten Ww Mttklriiii(nocliolrer4srteoriiiyriiil(i ' v A . V WM ahoop Ut Hs K: P SHBhv m Hum t.'i Tti' J MKaff V.

Tlio number ofdeatli H fioin ohulom at Jamloltaduring the twonty-fotir houi-H endingat eight thia lnornlug was 111. Logltliul Ht ohlef H have received a lelo-giain conllrmliig tlil statement. This morning Secretary Mai tin mild tho Amalgamated Associa-tion which Is the stronger tradesunion In the country has been In favorof a lederatlon of for live yearn. This he ctlins (hey nrondsed lo dohut however on niituro doll Uratlonthey declined. money ami icaviug tnu men unpaidand on this stt Uvmcnt an order wwpatsvil hibtnictbiu (ho city secretaryto dniw M-arraivus on tho iruinuiri'i' fwrtho aniount of Slatterys estimatesand turn the uioney ovotr to him. Mattery called out Vie city treasurer yesterday eveningand asked ft tho amount of hisestl-unite. Thoio was nono for thorn I heroand they were so Informed. Ivio 1 ia-i'm w Jr TJU"Mlti VJIi'' MVITII SW 1 IB' VH'j K; POWbl$km: VHLATTKIt Y AND 110NDSMJ3N. Sp OH.e Ulit (lined with life intnliyliounuid retiioii apparent- AI. The force of Poland wnspoworlos H to pie-Ion ot thu Htri Ki'i' M. I veam om win winm Otllto ofiloor of his loom this Ii tk'iith wuh ontmod by.1 ....r. Kipt'llll(l wiin v'ij um.-.-M' OH ftll Klllly ll Kll. Biuisoi Hloruutloiiol mutch atti Avrh'ini Ki:lion wonter In bluf-in urn on iih It Ike. Dudleyuul ainm'y aim emeringforks ill thom ii Iiii'c Hllrt M In tlio iiiriineosuoilc. Home and 1'du Chambord Ihih deelaredill that bin leultimnte hupoch-iadopt tho m lute ilaj; of J enrytltl'. Ujiiuni M ui ii(iaiv.i;.course of a debute on the iei Htro Hs hi Ireland Trevelyanieoount H of the Mate of thewere there wanio expeel I'lmlinuaiico' Hi:oi Tin: i.ihdiimic.pspondont at Alexandila Hiiy Hiitliiu medical sorvleo H In anios Weekn airo tlieateneh Itta M-ns notlecablo ten nillenm iui Iiuu Ih mo btlll permitted Jme imiu.l AMlt OHD'b nrcc' I3S01nays: There Is a rumorh Vienna. Wives of minershave col Kcted bushels of htoues lit an-ticipation of a iw Tho miners mosaid to havo poshcslon of all the minersexplosives.- ' '. Frank M'as greatlyexcited over the shooting and beingunder tho Intlnenoe of drink andthlnklmr bis brother would bo con-victed and hung It Is supposed thathis mind became unbalanced. 1 neversaw her again till We meta ftuv months ago at Dr. I round her iho nuno do-llghtsul lady us of old M'hen m-o wor-shipped the great Miowpeaksof Oiogontogothor.

Cusln's team was stopped by tho loaderof tho mob who woo annod with re-volvers and clubs and compelled towait until three decisive ohcoisweio given for "the man wo rodo outof town." Tho mob threaten to burnall tho piopetty of tho mining com-pany lr their MMlgesaro not nahl to-night Including the elegant residenceor JCly Uodduid. lie claimsthat no thought it was loaded withblank eaitildges. The fallowing Mas received nt u Into hour last night: Hot Sulphur joinings Colo. Four conimlsloners and a countyclerk of Id iind Jc Sunty were hot thismorning by a mob of masked men. Ono wonders whylo Is not at the head of tho nriny giv-ing orders Instead of being away outyonder In tho buthlng sand receivingthem. Cleorgo modesty is agreat merit but not a pioll'itble onoin repnblh' with their traditional Ingratitude. And that Is saying t hat shem-us very popular Indcul. i..iv-.ii1-ijiiuj inuiiliil- Jl.' A); S(Mt)lit H 2 Ib H.. J.d Fi'tnwn In Its Mccond edition Hayshe Count do Chambord 1h dead. In Blu't't tlmj l.uliin- ."Mminimil Pittsburg I'onn. Thoio h amovement lo icorgnnlzo the Ktilglitsof Labor or establi Hh in lt place afederation of trades each Independent;of tho other. 200 spot casla If they wouldsurrender iho power of a Uo Hioy. Tho tieusuror ho M'overrefused to give him tho money and Sluttery left roiling rather indignant Last nlghltis tho city council M'asabout to moot about llfty men employedon Ihoso M'or M'oiks crowded Into thooily hull and loudly clamoring for theirpay. .tiii: knicjut Tok l.viiou Or ii ruilriutlon ifl Trluli' H. Ji U- claims tluit ho Is do-ing u)l (ho Work sitll'erlug all tho an-noyance and standing n Ui tho cubingwhile his bondsmen aio raking in theduett K Thl Hiirrangemont of coarsewas not pleasing to him and a fewweeks ago he tried lo niuko a nmvdeal Hoo Hoicd Cleveland & Cain-oron ? Uil told Mr Nlohal of tho action of tho coun-cil and uahl ho Mould Instruct tho citysoorotart lo scud the vouchor ui In ashort while. IBOKD DYINGbo Mr&RT or a papalfc NBDIOTIONM - --rlt nl Ooil(-Clilmi Ile Jno Utlin! ..(' Hlll0lll Illlll MUllltr In M A KIiir'h roill. Two ohlldicn of James Mather six and eight years old.wt-ro left In the Iioum- Idono tor a shot Itime yestcidiiy During the absenceof (ho parents tho house took lire It Issupposed from llre-crackois. Owlngs Is missing and lsthotighlto be dead.1'iilnl llou on n Tim Iu Oakdale Tcnii July o Al a Bun-day-schoolpicnic yesteiday a gang ofroughs after gtttlng drunk slatted -ad Nttirbancoon tho train as It was re-luming. Leaving l Alberl he went overon the west side to see a young lady iowhom ho was engaged to bo nianledand who Mas lsiting his slfeier-ln-lii M' Jfe bid Ihcin good bye shaking handswith both ladles saying they wouldnever see hltn again. Tho rccoulof thedead mid M'ounded eoii Hequeut upontho celebration of th6 Fourth hi thiscity Is thirty-eight citsualltles all toldincluding three deaths Ilvo fatallywounded twentyrthrco more or lewsmaimed for life and live slhrhtly Injured. Mlddli'tou bad a row with Lovl MHIorouo of tho malinger. M'as le JS than halffull licsides that" il Istnfo iosay that ithe Indians weio at least lltly ir notone hundred fold stronger numericallythan M'hun led by Capt. So you can well understand thatthis young lieutenant did M'oudeifulwork and endeared himself to the Ciillfornlftiis oven bofoio ho had abeaid.

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