Dating scene in austin texas

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I so missed our radiant California sun melting the heat into my bones.

But my husband had a better salary in San Francisco and great benefits. I am a graduate of SFUSD, SF State and UC Berkeley. I rep the Warriors, Raiders, even though my heart belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers. I miss Muni, BART, flaming hot days in September, foggy damp mornings, the fog horn, the siren on Tuesdays at noon. It felt like the arts and culture of the area died out, which made it an unappealing place to live. I'm able to afford living in the center of the city and Seattle is full of great food and places to explore.

Also, Oregon's natural beauty is truly amazing and very accessible from Portland.

SFGATE is exploring how people's lives change after leaving the Bay Area, for better or for worse, in a new series.

Whichever it is, “I won’t know unless I leave the bubble,” he said.

There’s certainly an air of romanticism inherent to Whittington’s vision of the liberal capital of Texas, but is there truth in it? SFGATE spoke to folks who left the Bay Area for Austin to find out (see all of their responses in the above gallery).

When I had the opportunity to go back to the Bay Area I decided not to because I want to be able to buy a house at some point and I'm not sure if that will ever really be feasible for me in the Bay. One of the main reasons that I chose to move to Austin is because it is the San Francisco of Texas.

There are a lot of places to go hiking in and around the city (at least in the fall and spring time).Sam Whittington often catches himself daydreaming about Austin, Texas.The affordable housing, the laid-back lifestyle, the Tex Mex – all the stereotypes of Southern living have captured his imagination, he says.The people are extremely accepting of people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.The city is also growing pretty quickly and there really isn't a need for it to grow on top of itself because there is plenty of land to allow for outward expansion. I love the nostalgia of the Bay Area but I don't think it is feasible to live there anymore.Yes, it's more affordable and laid back than the Bay Area. I have no idea yet, but in my mind I am already living a better life away from the Bay Area.